The Power Of Love

Spirit of the Heart speaks on the power of love suffused in your projects


Spirit of the Heart

9/29/20231 min read

Love, love, love. Focus only on love. Call it into action in everything you say, do, and think. Love is the key. It is what holds the universe together. It is what holds your human apparatus together. When you call upon love to infuse its essence into a project, you strengthen that project with light and energy, which in turn makes your project more powerful. It gives it what it lacks, what you long for: success. It makes your project more in line with your highest purpose. Be sincere when you call love into action. Do not joke or make fun, because it sounds crazy to most humans. Ask with sincerity, gratitude and joy. It is a simple formula for success. And then, my dearest, top it off with a mustard seed of faith that you will receive what you have asked for. Love is more powerful than most people realize. They equate love with romance and the love a parent has for their children. But here we are talking about divine love, selfless love, the love that can only be given by God, your Creator. It is a love that does not judge you. It does not ask you to prove yourself worthy of what you ask. It only wants to fulfill your request. Begin today to do, think, and speak with love in your mind and heart. Speak love into everything in your life. Etch it into your being so that it becomes a habit, it becomes so natural that you do not have to think about doing it. It is just who you are.

In love with you,

Spirit of the Heart

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