Expand Your Light

Spirit of the Heart speaks briefly on how to expand the light of your heart.


Spirit of the Heart

9/25/20231 min read

Spirit of the Heart, I AM. I live in the hearts of all sentient beings. I radiate light throughout the world, bringing joy to all. Each one of you is a blazing star burning bright, and I see each one of you. Some shine brightly while others are dim. The magnitude of your light depends on the love you share with the world through your being. To radiate light, be in love with everyone on your earth. Say no unkind word, think no unkind thought, or do no unkind deed. Always be in a state of joy, love and wonder for all life. Your light is vital to the health of the Earth. When you walk in the light, the earth and all upon it thrive, for we are all one. We are connected by light, each with our own consciousness, yet connected to the whole consciousness of the cosmos. There is nothing you cannot know in this world and beyond because of this connection. Tap into it and your life will be miraculous, and as you tap into this vast tapestry of knowingness, you will realize that nothing is truly miraculous but quite normal.

In love with you,

Spirit of the Heart

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