Doubt and Fear

Spirit of the Heart speaks on doubt and fear.


Spirit of the Heart

9/21/20231 min read

Let go of all your doubt and fear about your life because there is nothing to doubt and there is nothing to fear. Doubt and fear are feelings you hold created by thoughts you have held about a particular subject, and because you have thought and felt these doubts and fears for so long they have become habit. They have become apart of your being. It has now become normal for you to think and feel this way about your particular subject.

Everything in your life is created by you. You have total control. How do you control your life? Through your thought and feeling. Think good and you will receive good. No one can tell you what to think unless you allow them to. You must turn away from all naysayers, ill thoughts and feelings cast your way and must go within. You must train yourself to think of only the good. Too many humans focus on the bad, the "what if" scenarios, the negative side of life or the situation they are in. This is how your society functions. You must begin to think for yourself. Think your real thoughts and not the thoughts of the ego, the thoughts of your society, the mass consciousness thought.

In your silence is where you will find your true thoughts. The thoughts that understand where all negativity stems from, the thoughts that can rid you of all the doubt and fear you cling to and free you to be who you truly are and think Godly thoughts about yourself and the world.

Start today. Everything is happening now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday, but now in this very moment. Be vigilant. Be courageous and begin now.

In love with you,

Spirit of the Heart

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