Ask and Receive

Spirit of the Heart speaks on asking and receiving - a never ending cycle.


Spirit of the Heart

9/23/20231 min read

Spirit of the Heart is universal. It is everywhere and in everything. It is the essence of life.

Join with me. Together we change time and space. Together we heal every cell in your body, in your life, for life is made up of cells of God and you are God. Every cell has a purpose, a reason for being and desires to fulfill its purpose. That is its main goal. That is its sole focus. That is the kind of focus you should have when you desire something. This unwavering focus on what you desire is what brings it into being. A tree or a plant has the desire to grow, to be seen, and so it exists in its magnificence, glorifying God, glorifying life. It desires to be in its perfection, its perfect self, abundant, joyful and beautiful, and so it always reaches to its source, always asks in purity, in sincerity, and always receives without question or hesitation. It is the perfect union between life and its source, asking and receiving, giving and taking. No one ever loses, for it is an endless cycle of giving and receiving, receiving and giving. The Source gives the tree what it desires, and thus the tree gives back to its Source the love and joy it receives, and thus both expand. The tree gives to humanity in its very existence; it gives life to man, it gives beauty and joy to man as he appreciates its presence.

It is the same with you and your Source of Being. You ask, your Source gives. God gives to His children without asking why. Focus your attention on what you desire and need and in this way ask without wavering and God, the Universe, will answer according to your request.

In love with you,

Spirit of the Heart

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